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         Pro-Grade M3
     A precision hand        operated gasket cutter


The Pro-Grade M3 is a precision hand operated gasket cutter designed specifically for easy and
accurate cutting of sheet gasketing.
    You are able to cut gaskets from hard fiber, rubber, cork, asbestos, teflon and all conventional types of sheet gasketing. You can bench mount, vise mount or mount it on a piece of angle iron and start cutting accurate gaskets right away.
    The standard Pro-Grade M3 will cut gaskets from 2.000” up to 22.000” OD. And you can order the optional center bars to increase your capacity up to 62.000”.
    The quality built and long-lasting Pro-Grade M3 is used in refineries, paper mills, power plants, breweries, petro-chemical plants, off-shore, marine, food processing plants and allied industries.
    The maximum material thickness for asbestos is .125”, rubber and sheet cloth material up to .09375”. All parts are replaceable. Quality made of cast iron & steel.


Item No. Description Price
8000-0603-08 Pro-Grade M3 Precision Gasket Cutting Machine $543.00

         Pro-Grade M4

The Pro-Grade SM4 is a heavy duty version of the Pro-Grade M3. Weighting 78 lbs., this gasket cutting machine is specifically designed for cutting metallic gaskets, hard fiber and thick Teflon.

The Pro-Grade SM4 will cut gaskets from 3” to 28” OD. Extra center bars available to cut 28” to 54” and 54” to 80”.

The maximum material thickness are: Soft steel, Zinc, Brass, Tin Galvanized Iron .04”, Stainless Steel and Monel Metal .03”, Copper .0625", Lead and Fiber .125", Asbestos, Rubber, Teflon .125", and Cork .25”.

Item No. Description Price
8000-0603-12 Pro-Grade SM-4 Precision Gasket Cutting Machine Call