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Alignment Products  

Compression Packing

Pre-Cut SS Shims and Kits


Lantern Rings

Portable Jack-Bolt System


Pro-Grade Packing

Alignment Undercut Bolts


UTEX Packing


Soot Blower Packing

Joint Gasket Tapes


Spiral Unitized Packing

PTFE Joint Sealant


Die-Formed Packing

Hi-Temp Graphite Tape


Mfg. Cross-Reference


Troubleshooting Failures

Injectable Sealant/Packing


Select Proper Packing

Injectable Sealant Compounds  

Bolt-on Stuffing Box

Pump nSeal Inj. Packing    
UTEX Inj. Packing  

Fugitive Emission Containment

Zero Leakage Sealing System  

Live-Load Sealing System

Injection Guns and Acces.  

Die-Formed Graphite Rings

Containment Rings  

Split Carbon Bushings


Bellville Disc Springs

Pipe Repair Products

Syntho-Glass Composite  

Waterjet Packing Extractor

Pipe & Joint Repair Kits - N.P.   Pro-Grade L6000
Pipe & Joint Repair Kits - U.P.   Pro-Grade L9000
Syntho-SubSea Epoxy   HP WaterJets
Syntho-Steel Epoxy Mastic    
Syntho-QuickSet Kevlar Epoxy   Packing Tools
Petrolatum Tape Undercoating   Packing Pullers
 Protective Outer Wrap   Packing Hook Shaft Pullers
Live Natural Gas Repair Kit   Bruno Tools
Syntho-SubSea Epoxy Mastic   Solid Shaft Pics
Syntho-QuickSet Epoxy   Packing Tool Sets
Syntho-Steel Epoxy Putty Stick   Packing Cutters
Tapes to Stop Leaks   Packing Tamping Tools
    Tool Accessories
    Rod Seal Installation Tool
Products Available But   Brushes, Lantern Gland Puller
not on This Web Site    
Hydraulic Seals   Gasket Tools
Piston Cups   HD Alum Gasket Cutters
Leak Sealing Supplies   Rugged Zytel Gasket Cutters
O-Rings   Economy Model Gasket Cutter
Sheet Gasketing   Handy Gasket Cutter
    Simple Gasket Cutter
    Gasket Cutter Acces.
     Power Punch for Holes
    Dove-Tail Punch
    Arch Punches
    Deadblow/Softface Hammers