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Fluid Sealing Service is capable of designing, engineering and manufacturing bolt-on stuffing boxes for just about any application that requires the sealing reliability of a stuffing box.

We build split stuffing boxes that simply slide over a shaft, attach both halves and bolt up to the equipment. All components are split, so installation is fast and easy.

The one-piece bolt-on stuffing box is more economical that the split version. It can be designed for your specific application, it is also easy to install. Just bolt up to your equipment.

The bolt-on stuffing boxes can be made with any alloy and sealing material. Engineering can custom design the stuffing box for severe applications involving corrosive chemicals, slurries and abrasive conditions.

Call Fluid Sealing Service today at 715-675-2344 to discuss you specific application needs.


All bolt-on stuffing boxes come with engineered drawings.

Bolt-On Stuffing Box w/Internal Spherical Bearing, Outboard Wiper Seal, Internal Bushings and 2 Briaded Packing Chambers.   Conditions: 700oF, Hot Gases and Ash. Bolier WindBox Application.