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Total Turnkey Service .....In-plant survey to warranty

Our turnkey service for live-load and static-load repacking includes:
Valve Survey - Information is gathered on-site while equipment is still on-line. Data and measurements are collect for each application
Engineered Configurations - Our engineering determines the recommended gland torque, Belleville spring selection and configuration, split carbon bushing spacer length, ID and OD and packing style for specific application.
Packing Extraction - Fluid Sealing Service extracts the packing with equipment that produces up to 20,000 psi water pressure to quickly remove all existing packing safely from the stuffing box without the possibility of metal damage to the stem. This process also removes and cleans the stuffing box of any debris or hydrocarbon scale.
Valve Inspection - After valve has been cleaned, our technicians inspect each valve t assure integrity.
Packing Selection - Fluid Sealing Service will recommend application-specific packing styles and materials for each valve. Braided end rings are available in four different styles, Graphfoil die-formed rings are available in three different purities, split graphite spacers for deep stuffing boxes and Belleville springs. Nuclear certifiable materials can be certified to meet demanding nuclear steam supply service purity levels of low chloride, fluoride and embrittled metals.
Installation - Fluid Sealing Service's experienced specialists will install the packing system quickly, safely and accurately.
Database - Fluid Sealing Service's ValveTracker database records all information from valve survey, sealing system configuration, extract and repack process, condition inspections and installation. This database is delivered to you at project completion.
Post Installation - Valve information tagging, stud-bolt torque verification, valve surveillance, leak detection and warranty
Warranty - All valves that meet the installation criteria receive a 5 year leak-free warranty which cover all parts and labor whether the valve is live-loaded or static-loaded.