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The industries largest and most comprehensive grades of injectable sealants for
valves and pumps

From clean fluids, abrasives, chemicals to slurries, Pro-Grade Injectable Sealants are available in 20 compounds that will handle any application from –50oF to 700oF, up to 5000psi with a pH Range of 0 to 14.

Injectable Sealant Compounds

18 specialized compounds for a wide variety of applications.


Injection Guns and Accessories

Manual, Hydraulic and Air Operated Injection Guns, Kits, Fittings

ZLS System
(Zero Leakage Sealing)

The ZLS System is the most advance injectable sealant kit for valves, pumps, mixers, etc. Our pre-packaged kits come complete with everything you’ll need for your specific application.


Containment Rings

Flat bottom containment rings keep the injectable packing where it belongs - in the stuffing box.