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On-Line Leak Repairs:

Fluid Sealing Service will help maximize uptime by sealing leaks online, onsite and under pressure. From economical banding or peened wire for narrow gap flanges and bonnets to solutions based on ring clamps or box enclosures, we offer the most effective and cost-efficient solution.

To 6000 psi and to 1800oF on steam, water, hydrocarbons, chemicals, acids, process, vacuum and air. No shut down, no unscheduled production
interruptions, cost effective repairs for leaking valves, flanges and piping.   
In addition to routine leak sealing of valves, flanges and piping, Fluid Sealing Service has solutions to more complex and demanding applications.

O2 Reactor

The gasket material at the top of this O2 Reactor developed a leak that would require removing the roof of the O2 Reactor tower and a crane would be required to remove the top lid of the reactor.
Fluid Sealing Service injected a special rubber compound between the lid flanges that setup and formed a one piece durable gasket that fixed the leakage problem.

Paper Mill Pulper
This vertical pulper had lost the gasket material between the vessel and shaft base. The equipment was very old and due to excessive vibration, gaps appeared that allowed massive amounts of pulp to leak onto adjacent equipment.
The equipment was so old the only option was to replace at a cost exceeding millions of dollars.

Fluid Sealing Service proposed a form-in-place gasket material that would accommodate the excessive vibration and movement.
Stainless steel rods were used to fill the excessive gaps and injection valves were installed around the perimeter of the pulper. The special rubber sealant was injected and the gasket was formed-in-place, sealing the leak.











Contact Fluid Sealing Service at 715-675-2344 or email us at sales@fluidsealingservice.com for assistance in solving your leakage problems.