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Solutions for Pipe Repair
Pro-Grade SG XT ® Composite System
Reinforcement & Containment

Restore piping to their
Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP) regardless of surface welds, dents, sleeves and piping tees, ells, reducers and internal or external wall loss.

Fluid Sealing Service offers proven products, engineered systems and on-site field service crews to reduce down time and costs of piping replacement.
Our piping protection and repair products are designed to stop and repair external corrosion, dents, gouges, erosion, or other defects in piping systems without welded sleeves, bolt on repair clamps and or pipe replacement.







Fluid Sealing Service technicians are trained and certified applicators of fiberglass and resin composite systems for exterior pipe rehabilitation, restoring corroded/eroded pipe and piping systems to original design. Fluid Sealing Service can respond to a routine or emergency situation, providing dependable results 24/7/365.


Pipelines in jeopardy of a catastrophic failure, due to wall thickness erosion and external and/or internal corrosion, are especially suited for this system.
• Non corroding, not affected by water, acids, soil organics, hydrocarbons
• Adheres to steel, stainless steel, PVC, FRP, clay, concrete and rubber
• Total project costs are lower
• Conforms to irregular shapes, formed to shape on site
• Can be applied in confined spaces
• Leak stopping capabilities
• Not affected by high temperatures
• Restore pipe to original PSI rating or stronger
• Lightweight kits are easy to handle and transport

Contact Fluid Sealing Service at 715-675-2344 for your specific application problem.