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Valve Maintenance

A smooth operation depends on well greased valves


Fluid Sealing Service's on-site valve lubrication services help you get maximum life of your valves and keep your valves operating smoothly and efficiently. Lubrication should be periodic, systematic, and with the proper grade of lubricant.

Fluid Sealing Service ensures technologically advanced, experienced and professional application of its valve greases, sealants and flushing products using equipment designed specifically for the job. A common mistake is when the grease or sealants are not injected with the right amount of pressure and quantity. Valve grease and sealants are effective only if applied correctly.

Fluid Sealing Service offers Reactive and Preventive On-Site services for ball, gate and plug valves fitted with injection fittings.

REACTIVE SERVICE – this on call service is available for any stuck, jammed, leaking or passing valves. The service includes flushing old lubricant/sealant out of the valve, injecting under high pressure fresh lubricant/sealant and final adjustments.

PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE SERVICE – This is a scheduled periodic lubrication and sealing maintenance program tailor fit to the customers requirements. The advantage of this preventative service is to extend the valve’s service life by up to 60%, eliminate downtime due to failure, able to operate valve easily and in a safe manner and reduce overall maintenance of these valves by 60%. All valves are entered into our comprehensive database and complete work history and next planned service are maintained.

VALVE SURVEY – Our on-site valve survey captures important information; such as: location, service, medium, type, size, manufacturer, rating, model and serial numbers. Individual work history and product injected in the valve is tracked, as well as next scheduled service date.

FITTINGS AND ACCESSORIES – Fluid Sealing Service offers a large selection of injection fittings, vent caps, lube stick injection fittings, bleeder plugs, pressure releasing tools, and check valves.

LUBRICANTS, SEALANTS, CLEANERS – Pro-Grade lubricants, sealants and cleaners are materials built to exacting specifications. Pro-Grade lubricants are predominantly synthetic oil-based materials instead of the other less expensive castor (vegetable) oil-based products.


Problems that cause a plug valve to be hard to operate, leak, freeze-up or just become inoperable:
Lack of periodic lubrication and maintenance
Using the wrong lube sealant
Corrosion occurring
Valve not in proper adjustment
Debris build-up
Proper plug valve adjustment, maintenance and the correct lube sealant will keep your valves operating smoothly.

The four most common ball valve problems are:
Hard to operate or inoperable
Stem leakage
Seat leakage
Stops not properly set or operator not mounted correctly
Ball valve problems can be overcome with a periodic maintenance program.

Contact Fluid Sealing Service at 715-675-2344 to discuss your need for specific applications.