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                   Valve Surveys

             "if you don't measure it  -  you can't manage it"


The only way to control costs and manage valve maintenance is a complete a valve survey, an inventory of all your valves.

Fluid Sealing Service's Valve Tracker Survey Software is the most comprehensive in the our industry.

The on-site technicians collect the following information inputting it into our database, the standard software includes the following information:

The Valve Tracker Survey Software is configured to collect all of the above information or just parts of it, or you may include additional data fields at no additional charge.

Once our survey is complete, it is now possible to control costs, project management, quality assurance, schedule inspections and schedule future turnaround maintenance based on current history in the database.

A well managed approach to RCM (reliability centered maintenance) is the best investment you can make to increase reliability and take cost out of your system.

Eliminate unplanned shutdowns because of gasket or packing leaks
Compliance of current regulations
Eliminate engineering time wasted on valve leakage problems
Reduce turnaround planning to a minimum
Improve material management and eliminate surplus inventories
Eliminate all rework
Increase the life expectancy of packing and gasketing

Call Fluid Sealing Service today at 715-675-2344 and schedule your survey. It's the first step in creating efficiencies, value and reliability in your valve maintenance program.