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FSS Injectable Packing Technology makes leakage and water worries a thing of the past. Our Pro-Grade ZLS Systems for rotating pumps require no process water, therefore, eliminating the costs of wastewater treatment and disposal. It also provides a leak tight seal from outage to outage

From clean fluids, abrasives, chemicals to slurries, Fluid Sealing Service manufactures and distributes Pro-Grade injectable sealants in 12 compounds that will handle any application from –50oF to 700oF, up to 15,000psi with a pH Range of 0 to 14.

Most equipment can be sealed leak tight with Pro-Grade Injectable Sealant Systems: centrifugal pumps, agitators, pulpers, refiners, turbo-separators, positive displacement pumps, mixers, reciprocating pumps, clinker grinders, ash conveyors, valves, etc.

The Pro-Grade ZLS System (Zero Leakage Sealing) is the most advance injectable sealant system for valves, pumps, mixers, etc. Our pre-packaged kits come complete with containment rings, pre-formed sealant and injection fittings  -everything you’ll need for your specific application.

It is easy to install and is designed and sized perfectly for your specific application.

This system will run from outage to outage to outage, outperforming mechanical seals and packing in leak-free reliability and cost

By combining different containment ring compounds and the arrangement of the containment rings in the stuffing box, the Pro-Grade ZLS System is engineered for abrasive and chemical service.

PRODUCT SERVICE: Acids, Alkalis, Aqueous media, Brine, Caustics, Chemicals, Drilling fluids, Foods, Fresh water, Hydrocarbons, Petroleum fuels, Pharmaceuticals, Potable water, Produced fluids, Seawater brine, Sewage, Steam, Certain Solvents, Resistant to media with abrasive particles.

The ZLS System is engineered specifically for your application and cost about the same as braided packing.

Call Fluid Sealing Service for a quotation on your specific application.

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