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Fluid Sealing Service’s
experience to work for you!

Knowledge and experience equals results and reliability you can count on. Fluid Sealing Services high productivity is a result of pre-outage planning, experience, supervision and close integration with our customers. Our planning results in complete work packages with firm-hard prices, well integrated scheduling, trained and experienced technicians, and the assurance of a well planned turn-key project.

Fluid Sealing Service can maximize efficiency and maintain schedules by matching manpower needs with our crews of qualified craftsmen. We own all the necessary equipment and tools, ready to respond to your needs, including technological equipment few others own. That means your job won’t be held up waiting for leased or subcontracted equipment or supplies. Our long history with suppliers assures materials will flow to the job exactly when they are needed.

When your job is on the line, our reputation is on the line as well. That’s why we arrive on the jobsite with the proper plan, craftsmen, supplies, tools, and rigging, we complete the project on-time and within the budget. We do it right the first time . . . every time!

On-line on-stream leak sealing
Valve repacks - 5 year leak-free warranty
Pipe and pipeline restoration
Rotating equipment repacks - 100% Satisfaction
On-site valve renewals/rebuilds
Valve Maintenance and Lubrication
Bolt-on stuffing boxes, 1 pc or split
Concrete Crack Sealing
Valve Survey - Pro-Grade Valve Tracker Survey Software
LDAR - Leak Detection and Repair Programs